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Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman-- split LP (FCH022)

Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman-- split LP (Harlan Records #22)


13 songs.
SNS side recorded October 2002 by Tim Scott at ElectricLeedyLand in Kansas City MO.
AF side recorded July 2002 by Fred Thomas at the Tobey house in Lansing MI.
1000 copies pressed (900 black, 97 opaque purple, 3 black/purple starburst), April 2003.
CD version released by Plan-It-X Records. 1000 copies pressed, November 2003.


Soophie Nun Squad:
Maralie Armstrong-Rial-- voice
Dustin Clark-- guitar
Mark Lierly-- drums
Mike Lierly-- voice, talking guitar on "Headbangin' In LR", body percussion
Eli Milholland-- bass
Mike Motley-- percussion
Asa Newell-- guitar
Nate Powell-- voice, piano
Tim Scott-- voice, keyboards, production, samples
Alan Short-- voice, percussion
Mikael Wood-- voice, keyboards

Abe Froman:
Ryan Batkie-- bass, voice, acoustic guitar on "July 1998"
Erin Tobey-- guitar, voice
Matt Tobey-- drums, voice
Fred Thomas-- steel drums on "Fair Friend"
Nate Powell & Art Middleton-- extra voice & percussion on "Walking Distance"

Track Listing:

SNS side:
1. Maybe You Heard
2. Hemispheres
3. Headbangin' In Little Rock
4. You're Too Young For The Living Dead
5. Snap, Crackle, Props
6. The Extreme Discomfort Dance

AF side:
1. Willing Suspension Of Disbelief
2. Droppin' Like Flies
3. Hobbit Hole
4. The City That Never Wakes Up
5. Fair Friend
6. Walking Distance
7. July 1998 (Old Style)


* Abe Froman recorded one unreleased song from this session, "The Guerrillas", which Ryan Batkie's subsequent band Hissyfit rerecorded and released on a split 7" with The Reflectors in 2004.

* This record was initially to be an Abe Froman/ Boomfancy split LP, but when the time came to record, no Boomfancy was even remotely in sight. Attempts were made at assembling Boomfancy 2.0 in Providence RI, which turned into the short-lived band Braids To Your Ass (Nate Powell, Sara T Huber, Natalja Kent, Peter Woods, Daniel Pastrana) with one show and two songs to their name. Fortunately, Soophie had a multitude of song ideas for their fall 2002 recording summit, and this split LP fell into place perfectly. It holds Abe Froman's best and most intimate recording for sure, and personally represents the merging of my two family units spread across the map.

* Folks from SNS also in Humanbeast, V Manuscript, Bloodhuff, Sand City, Deadbird, Zucura, Holy Angell, Universe, Pallbearer, R.I.O.T.S., The Evelyns, Divorce Chord, Wait, The Insides, Tem Eyos Ki, Sugar And The Raw, Big Boots, Rainy Day Regatta, Boomfancy, Gioteens, Shake Ray Turbine, Revolver Red, William Martyr 17, and K.

* Folks from AF also in  Fat Shadow, Erin Tobey, Pink Razors, Mt. Gigantic, Hissyfit, Memory Map, Good Luck, and Canine Sugar. 

Abe Froman's last show @ Plan-It-X Fest. Bloomington IN, June 2004. Photo by Mark Novotny.
SNS @ Plan-It-X Fest. Bloomington IN, June 2004. Photo by Ginger Alford.

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