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Abe Froman-- "Baltimore Is Scum" 7" (FCH019.5)

Abe Froman-- "Baltimore Is Scum" 7" (self-released; Harlan Records #19.5)


6 songs.
Recorded fall 1999 on 12-track by Scott Flaster in East Lansing, MI.
500 copies pressed, spring 2000.


Ryan Batkie-- bass, voice
Erin Tobey-- guitar, voice
Matt Tobey-- drums, voice

Track Listing:

1. Russian 101
2. Wet Newspaper
4. Finnegan Royce
5. Rex
6. What's Your New Address?


* This 7" was self-released by the band, and kicks off a precedent I set with Harlan Records carrying/handling distribution duties for a handful of friends' DIY releases. I ordered this record in October 2000 from No Idea's distro while going through a rough patch in life, and constant listens to these songs helped pull me out of my hole, reminding me that new things are always unfolding, and that it's possible to put one's faith in other people again. I wrote Abe Froman a love letter explaining how they'd moved me, and got a phone call from Erin a few days later. It turns out that both of our bands were booking tours in the same general area over the holidays, so we teamed up and booked a leg of tour together without ever having met. Our bond was so immediate and powerful that, upon Boomfancy's return from that tour, Abe Froman called me up inviting me to move into their house in Michigan. I packed up my stuff, settled into my new northern home, and life has never been the same.

* Members also in Fat Shadow, Erin Tobey, Pink Razors, Mt. Gigantic, Hissyfit, Memory Map, Good Luck, and Canine Sugar.

Abe Froman @ Secret Sailor Books. Bloomington IN, May 2001. Photo by Nate Powell.
Abe Froman @ Secret Sailor Books. Bloomington IN, May 2001. Photo by Nate Powell.
Abe Froman (plus Lisa Bennett). Bloomington IN, January 2001. Photo by Nate Powell.

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