Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Heartbreakers & Rumpshakers" comp 7" (FCH011)

v/a-- "Heartbreakers & Rumpshakers" comp 7" (Harlan Records #11)

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4 songs.
Recorded 1996 by Barry Poynter in Little Rock, AR.
500 copies pressed, August 1998.

Track Listing/ Credits:

1. No City No State-- "Rats Live On No Evil Star"
     Jenny Holt-- voice
     Sam Murphy-- guitar
     John Pugh-- bass
     Matthew Werth-- drums

2. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Gabriella"
     Dustin Clark-- guitar
     Mark Lierly-- drums
     Mike Lierly-- voice
     Eli Milholland-- bass
     Nate Powell-- voice
     Mikael Wood-- backing voice, dancing

3. Red Forty-- "I Wish I Was A Racecar Driver"
     Colin Brooks-- guitar
     Steve Kooms-- drums
     Ben Nichols-- bass, voice

4. The Divine Hook-Up-- "Fifty-Five Was Redemption"
     Lloyd Benjamin-- guitar, keyboard
     Lee Buford-- drums, sampler
     John Pugh-- bass
     Matthew Werth-- guitar, voice, keyboard

No City No State @ MacArthur Park. Little Rock AR, August 1997. Photo by Nate Powell.

The Divine Hook-Up @ Holon Arts Center. Little Rock AR, January 1998. Photo by Nate Powell.

Red Forty @ 800 State Street. Little Rock AR, March 1996. Photo by Eli Milholland.

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