Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainy Day Regatta-- The Music Is On CD (FCH015)

Rainy Day Regatta-- The Music Is On CD (Harlan Records #15)


9 songs.
Recorded March 1999 by Greg Norman at Truckstop in Chicago IL.
952 copies pressed, January 2000.


Ryan Seaton-- guitar, voice
Mikael Wood-- guitar, voice

Track Listing:

1. Opening
2. Spinning
3. (In F & E)
4. The Music Is On
5. The Beauty In That Time Was Forgetting The Details
6. Gazing Away
7. I'll Be Home From Wednesday
8. Stars
9. Nothing Left To Say


* The bonus tracks on this download are from their "Living As We Do In The Midst Of So Much Ordered Light And Noise" 12", recorded in November 1999 and released by Landmark Records in September 2000. Mary Clarendon Mulkey joined the band at this point, and is featured on the 12".

* Members also in Callers, Flaws, Siren Cult, Denim Venim, Halo Perfecto, Soophie Nun Squad, and K.

RDR at Popfest. Riverfront Belvedere, Little Rock AR, August 1998. Photo by Nate Powell.

RDR parking lot practice before recording with Burt Taggart in Fayetteville AR. October 2000. Photo by Nate Powell.

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