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Tem Eyos Ki-- tour CDR (FCH019.75)

Tem Eyos Ki-- tour CDR (Harlan Records #19.75)


11 songs.
Recorded March 2001 by Chuck Schaff at his house in Fayetteville AR, except "Aluminalkalyde" and "Stop Action" recorded January 2000 (same as 7" session) by Dwight Chalmers in Fayetteville AR. "Ogoni", "Barefooted", and "Kaput Mortem" recorded by Tim Scott in Kansas City MO.
Roughly 400 copies made, May 2001.


Maralie Armstrong-Rial-- voice, accordion
Mike Lierly-- guitar, voice
Jay Lytle-- bass, backing voice
Eli Milholland-- guitar, voice
Kevin Rains-- drums, voice
Justin Crooks-- cello
Jason Baldwin-- lyrics to "Barefooted"
Nate Powell-- lyrics to most of "Stop Action"
Emil Heiple-- lyrics to "Blind Guardian"

Track Listing:

1. Ogoni
2. Drinking Gourd
3. Tigris/ Euphrates
4. Letter To The U.S. Marshalls
5. Blind Guardian
6. Stop Action
7. John Parker's Iron Wheel
8. Barefooted
9. Aluminalkalyde
10. Grinding Rogue Honest
11. Kaput Mortem


* This CDR was self-released by the band for their 2001 tour with Them Of Delphi (Kevin Rains, Alan Short, Luke Hunsicker, and Jack Lloyd). Around 2004, plans were made for Jonathan Lee to release these songs as a split LP with Countdown To Putsch on his record label, but that never happened.

* Lyrics to "Barefoot" were written by Jason Baldwin, an Arkansan falsely imprisoned as a teenager for the terrible murders of three children in 1993-- widely known as one of the West Memphis Three. He and his co-defendants were released in 2011, after 18 years behind bars for crimes they did not commit. More information can be found at

* Members also in Humanbeast, V Manuscript, Bloodhuff, Universe, Holy Angell, Them Of Delphi, Ridin Dudes, Shitfire, Sickshine, Zucura, Tom Sweet, Divorce Chord, Soophie Nun Squad, Boomfancy, Gioteens, and K. 

Tem Eyos Ki. Richmond VA, June 2001. Photo by Chris Boarts Larson.
Tem Eyos Ki. Richmond VA, June 2001. Photo by Chris Boarts Larson.

Tem Eyos Ki. Columbus OH, June 2001. Photo by Nate Powell.

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