Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gioteens-- demo tape (FCH016.5)

Gioteens-- demo tape (Harlan Records #16.5)


9 songs.
Recorded August 1999 by Jay Lytle at Olive Street in North Little Rock, AR.
100 tapes made, June 2000.


Mike Lierly: drums, voice
Eli Milholland: guitar, bass
Nate Powell: voice
Maralie Armstrong-Rial: backing voice on "Circuits"
CT, Jeff Morgan, Jay Lytle, Chuck Schaff: backing voice on "The Rodgering"

Track Listing:

1. Trampoline Song
2. The Stand
3. The Heist
4. Perfect Killing Machine
5. Antisick
6. Circuits
7. Magic
8. The Rodgering


* Bonus songs on the download include "Teenage Curfew" (originally by Man At Arms, Mike's 1997 band while living in Savannah GA.) and "P.E.A.C.E.".

* Gioteens 1.0 (1997-1998: Mike-- voice, Eli-- guitar, Tim Scott-- bass, Mark Lierly-- drums) This version played impromptu sets in Pittsburgh PA and Evansville IN on Soophie Nun Squad's first tour. In summer 1998, they recorded versions of "Trampoline Song" and "The Stand" at Blue Chair Studio in Ward, AR; these songs were released on the Defeated Records' Food Not Bombs comp CD.

* Gioteens 2.0 (1999-2001: Nate Powell-- voice, Eli-- guitar, Tim-- bass, Mike-- drums) Most shows and tours were played with this lineup. Gioteens' last show was New Years Day, 2001 in Sherwood AR. A total of 18 songs were written, but unfortunately never recorded-- neither the "Girl Don't Get Me Started" 7" nor the split LP with 2 Dean Crew ever materialized. God, those records would've been absolutely amazing.

Gioteens practice amidst Mike's work on the infamous Hintetour children painting, summer 1999. Photo by Eli.

Gioteens plus Maralie, with Mike accidentally out of frame. Little Rock AR, July 2000.

Gioteens at MacArthur Park. Little Rock AR, July 4th 1997. Photo by Nate Powell.
Gioteens "Salad Days" EP. Minneapolis MN, July 2000.

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