Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Soophie Nun Squad-- Don't Let Them Take You Alive CD (FCH012)

Soophie Nun Squad-- Don't Let Them Take You Alive CD (Harlan Records #12)


17 songs.
Recorded (mostly) December 1997 by Barry Poynter in Little Rock, AR.
1000 copies pressed, March 1998.


Dustin Clark-- guitar
Mark Lierly-- drums
Mike Lierly-- voice
Eli Milholland-- bass
Nate Powell-- voice
Tim Scott-- voice, turntables
Mikael Wood-- voice
Maralie Armstrong-Rial-- backing voice
Emil Heiple-- backing voice
Ryan Seaton-- backing voice, kazoo solo in "Love Is A Frozen Fishstick"
Randie Young-- backing voice
Jenny Holt-- backing voice
Stewart Isbell-- beatbox assist on "Books"

Track Listing:

1. Tomorrow
2. Books! Check Em Out!
3. Swamp Thing
4. Jump
5. Crotchy Momma
6. Onward
7. Kids
8. Heart And Soul
9. Another Day
10. Hey Hey Margaret, Your Momma's Got A Cow
11. Push It
12. Point Of View
13. PJ Sod
14. Love Is A Frozen Fishstick
15. Feedback
16. Shoe Song
17. Dogtown


* This album represents Soophie's third time in a proper studio, and we STILL hadn't really figured out we could overdub or do anything besides have a live party in the studio. These songs were basically recorded in 2 hours, and mixed down in another four. Our cheapskate brains simply couldn't fathom the benefits of spending more than one day in the studio.

* The banter at the end of "Shoe Song" is for real-- Mike hadn't grasped the concept of the studio fade-out, and is given an explanation on-record, but still doesn't quite trust the studio witchcraft.

* Dustin to engineer, while setting up equipment: "Uhh, Barry-- sooooo what happens if, let's say, somebody spilled a 64 oz. strawberry soda all over your floor?"

* En route to the studio for one of these sessions, Eli threw a bagel at a teenager mowing the lawn. A minute after arriving at Barry's, our car was boxed in by a Mustang driven by some adult with an undefined relationship to the kid. The dude started trying to intimidate us while we loaded our equipment in, but we quickly forgot about it. A few minutes later, Barry got reeeeaaaally nervous and pointed out that five cop cars were outside, questioning everyone about the "bagel-related hate crime". Barry hid in an underground bunker or tunnel until the police swarm had moved on. We were not in any way Barry's favorite band to record.

* Members also in Humanbeast, V Manuscript, Sand City, Universe, Pallbearer, R.I.O.T.S., The Evelyns, Divorce Chord, Wait, The Insides, Tem Eyos Ki, Sugar And The Raw, Rainy Day Regatta, Boomfancy, Gioteens, Shake Ray Turbine, Revolver Red, William Martyr 17, and K.

SNS @ Vino's, Little Rock AR, December 1997. The night before recording this album. During this era, around 350 people would come to our Vino's shows, and we'd get paid around $150 and pizza. Split 10 ways.

SNS plays the last set of the final Rice Street house New Year's Eve party, moments before the entire kitchen floor caves in. Little Rock AR, December 1998. Photo by Ben Mistak.


  1. are you guys playing out anymore ever?

    1. Alas, we played our last show in June 2006 in Braunschweig, Germany, and attempted to have two final shows in May 2007 in Little Rock AR, but our drummer Mark had recently broken his wrists. So no more Soophie-- but after that, Eli and Maralie have been releasing tons of music as HUMANBEAST; Mark plays drums in PALLBEARER; Dustin plays in SAND CITY; Mike and I were in a band called UNIVERSE that released an album in 2010; Alan Short is in DEADBIRD and was in ZUCURA too; Mike Motley is in COLIN VS. ADAM; and there are other musical endeavors as well...

  2. any that play in the little rock area?? i just moved here from stl and was hoping you guys still were out n about seeing as there is so much delicious wonderful coming from soophie...found the devil the metal in 2002 or so and have been lovin you guys ever since... you should get back together for another final show in little rock, i would dance so hard it would be worth it =) and ill make you all cookies. and bread. anywho, if u have any insight into if there is fun bands in the little rock area at all lemme know, thanks for getting back with me, and for all the awesomeness that came outta you guys. makes me really happy.-kt