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Shake Ray Turbine-- The Sauce Of Solution CD (FCH010)

Shake Ray Turbine-- The Sauce Of Solution CD (Harlan Records #10/ File Thirteen #23)


13 songs.
Recorded December 1996 by Barry Poynter in Little Rock, AR.
1000 copies pressed, November 1997.
(Harlan Records was a joint venture between Noah Young and I for this release, and this album was a split release with File 13 Records, which had recently returned to Matt Werth's hands shortly after moving to Philadelphia.)


Dustin Clark-- bass
Ben Dickey-- guitar, voice
Clay Simmons-- guitar, voice
Chris Wilson-- drums
John Pugh & Jim Hunnicutt-- backing voices
Catherine McRae-- violin

Track Listing:

1. The Sauce Of Solution
2. The First Equation
3. Which Way To Georgia
4. Murder In An Aquarium
5. Sketch Of An Optical Factory
6. White Wine
7. The Gig Is Up
8. Rosetta
9. Surprise Surprise
10. To Kill Birds With Stones
11. This Machine Will Kill You
12. Our Last Days On Mars
13. Silver Suited


* As I remember, this album was supposed to be called Our Last Days On Mars, but somewhere some wires got crossed while the cover was being designed, and now we're all stuck with the damn Sauce Of Solution.

* Members also in Blood Feathers, Unfixers, Amen Booze Rooster, Ted Leo & Pharmacists, Aspera, The Lapse, Sean Na Na, Soophie Nun Squad, Sand City, The Insides, Revolver Red, William Martyr 17, Heads Are Heavy, and Hundred Years War.

Shake Ray Turbine @ The Outpost. Little Rock AR, December 1995. Photo by Eli Milholland.

Shake Ray Turbine @ 800 State St., Little Rock AR, March 1996. Photo by Eli Milholland.

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