Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good Good-- The Wants And The Want Nots CDep (FCH28.75)

The Good Good-- The Wants And The Want Nots CDep (Harlan Records #28.75)


6 songs.
Recorded summer 2005 by Peter Woods.
500 copies pressed, October 2005.


Natalja Kent-- guitar, voice, megaphone, flute, windchimes
David Penn-- bass, voice, guitar, keyboard, melodica, drums
Amber Woods-- guitar, voice, megaphone, glowing
Peter Woods-- drums, voice, percussion, accordion, keyboard, violin, melodica, samples
Christophe (Glen Or Glenda)-- bass clarinet on "Flies" and "Paper, Metal, Marble"

Track Listing:

1. Silhouette
2. Clouds
3. All The Voices
4. Paper, Metal, Marble
5. Flies
6. 3 Voices


* These songs were also released as The Good Good/ Chocolat Billy split LP (Potagers Natures #29), and as half of the Furrows CD (Menlo Park Records).

* Members also in Bloodhuff, Querent, Acht(en), Boomfancy, Cha Cha Cha, Cobra Kai, Seven Days Of Samsara, Gal & Lad, and Short Millie.

TGG @ FWYH house. Bloomington IN, February 2005. Photos by Nate Powell.