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Boomfancy-- s/t 7" (FCH019)

Boomfancy-- 7" (Harlan Records #19)


7 songs.
Recorded August 2000 by Dwight Chalmers at Listen Laboratory in Fayetteville, AR.
500 copies pressed, January 1, 2001.


Jenny Holt-- voice
Natalja Kent-- bass
Mike Lierly-- drums, backing voice
Asa Newell-- guitar
Nate Powell-- voice
Mikael Wood-- backing voice on "In Defiance Of Gravity"

Track Listing:

1. Walking In My Sleep
2. The Script
3. Coffee Table Book
4. Holly Springs Retirement Plan
5. Version 2.0
6. The Music Makes You Happy
7. In Defiance Of Gravity


* This band happened because our friend and fellow SVA student Natalja Kent came to Little Rock by Greyhound, and was gonna travel with us on the first Tem Eyos Ki tour. She got off the bus with a bass across her back and the intention of starting a band. I had written lyrics tentatively for Soophie songs (including "Walking In My Sleep"), and Mike & Asa had been working on some parts together. 48 hours later, we had recorded a 4-song demo on an 8-track, and had played two shows in town! On the Soophie Nun Squad/ The Body tour a few weeks later, Natalja got in the van again, and either Boomfancy or Gioteens would often play an impromptu set at each show (including a set in front of 800 people at More Than Music fest--wild!).

* "In Defiance Of Gravity" is written for my friend Sarah Zeidan (member of This Robot Kills, Voglio Capirlo, Galicjia,  Curse Of The J, and The Grey Electric), who passed away in a car accident late at night en route to the 2000 More Than Music Fest. Our friendship was relatively new but promising and exciting, and we had just played a show together in the Detroit area the night prior, but chose to delay spending time together until we both arrived at the fest. Sarah also appeared to me in spirit form a few months later-- the only ghost encounter I've ever had of a person I knew in life-- and this encounter was depicted in my comics story "Satellite Worlds", both in Walkie Talkie #4 and Sounds Of Your Name.

* Members also in Bloodhuff, The Good Good, Querent, Universe, Divorce Chord, Soophie Nun Squad, Tem Eyos Ki, Gioteens, Wait, No City No State, and Physical Science.

Boomfancy & Abe Froman on a life-changing tour together. Bloomington IN, January 2001.
Boomfancy. Philadelphia PA, January 2001.
Boomfancy. Philadelphia PA, June 2000.
Boomfancy. Philadelphia PA, June 2000.

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