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Red Forty-- discography CD (FCH014)

Red Forty-- discography CD (Harlan Records #14)


17 songs.
1-12 recorded 1994-1996 by Barry Poynter in Little Rock, AR.
13-17 recorded July 1994 by Ray Brooks at Crystal Studios in Bryant, AR.
First pressing: 1099 copies, August 1999.
Second pressing: 1100 copies, June 2005.


Colin Brooks-- guitar
Steve Kooms-- drums
Ben Nichols-- bass, voice

Track Listing:

1. Cry At The Table
2. Will Be Mine
3. Wish I Was A Racecar Driver
4. Smile Back
5. Where Are You Loca Nadine?
6. Straight Past Me
7. Lucky
8. Seventeen
9. Date At The Payphone
10. Firebrand
11. Frisco
12. The Outsiders
13. Five Nine
14. Girl
15. Rocker
16. Same Road Again
17. Veronica


* 13-17, along with 3 songs not on this CD, were on Red Forty's demo tape (self-released, 1994).
* 9-12 were on the "Date At The Payphone" 7" (Landmark Records, 1995).
* 6 was on the We've Lost Beauty: A Compilation For Christopher comp LP (File 13 Records, 1996).
* 3 was on the "Heartbreakers And Rumpshakers" comp 7" (Harlan Records, 1998).

* Members also in Lucero, Dan Zanes & Friends, Vegas Thunder, Pezz, The Stills, The Big Cats, Skeleton Key, The Results, Substance, Step By Step, The Numbskulz,  Ho Hum, 2 Minutes Hate, Lucky Old Sun, Victory Garden, G, Sint, and Shatner.

Red Forty @ Das Yutes A Go-Go. Little Rock AR, October 1995. Photo by Nate Powell.

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