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Soophie Nun Squad-- "The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats" LP (FCH018)

Soophie Nun Squad-- The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats LP (Harlan Records #18)

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14 songs.
Recorded August 1999 by Barry Poynter in Little Rock, AR. "Diarrhea Of A Madman" recorded August 1998 by Darian Stribling at Blue Chair Studio in Ward AR, and "Singalong" recorded on cassette in Mikael Wood's bathroom the night before the album was recorded.
First released on CD (Phyte Records #18) in January 2000.
First LP pressing: 500 copies, September 2000.
Second LP pressing: 300 copies, February 2002.
Third LP pressing: 510 copies, 2003.


Maralie Armstrong-Rial-- voice, whistles
Dustin Clark-- guitar, backing voice
Mark Lierly-- drums
Mike Lierly-- voice
Eli Milholland-- bass
Nate Powell-- voice, donkey drum
Tim Scott-- voice, turntables
Mikael Wood-- voice, organ, additional guitar on "Chicken Fight"
Asa Newell-- acoustic guitar on "Unspeaking"
Jeremy Brasher-- drum machine on "Donkey Call" breakdown
Ashley Goodspeed-- "Chromatic Death" vocal lead on "Diarrhea Of A Madman"
Alan Short-- beatbox
Mary Clarendon Mulkey-- backing voice on "The Drawbridge"
Chip King-- Mayor of Ghost Town on "Rattlesnake Attitude"
Emil Heiple, Michael Motley, Courtney Kaiser-- backing voice

Track Listing:

1. Blackout
2. Dragon Style
3. Cinderblock
4. Mean Streak
5. Diarrhea Of A Madman
6. No Moms Allowed!
7. Unspeaking
8. Donkey Call
9. Wannabe (Spice Girls cover)
10. (Mister Nister)
11. Chicken Fight
12. Singalong
13. Rattlesnake Attitude
14. The Drawbridge

Tim Scott stayed up all night and finished 100 LP covers at an anarchist squat in Leipzig, Germany in April 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.

* This album was first pressed on CD as Phyte Records #18 in January 2000. 3 pressings and 2,000 copies were made. It was then repressed as Plan-It-X Records #46 in 2005, with 1,000 more copies made.

* Every single copy of this LP was hand-painted/collaged over used LP covers. Nate, Mike, Eli, and Maralie painted most of the 1st pressing; Nate, Erin Tobey, Matt Tobey, and Lisa Bennett Merva painted most of the 2nd; Nate did nearly all of the 3rd pressing in soul-crushing marathons. If you have a copy, please send me (Nate) a photo/image of the cover so I can post it! My email address is 

* "Rattlesnake Attitude" is written in the same universe as the song "Ghost Town" from SNS's 2nd 7", and as more songs were introduced, certain characters were intended to cross over. Soophie intended to include an additional song, "John Paul Rains" (named after Tem Eyos Ki drummer Kevin's brother), from this universe on the album, but forgot that occasionally it's helpful to write the music to songs before attempting to record them.

* Here is a collection of Soophie Nun Squad photos on my Flickr page.

* Members also in Humanbeast, V Manuscript, Bloodhuff, Sand City, Universe, Pallbearer, R.I.O.T.S., The Evelyns, Divorce Chord, Wait, The Insides, Tem Eyos Ki, Sugar And The Raw, Rainy Day Regatta, Boomfancy, Gioteens, Shake Ray Turbine, Revolver Red, William Martyr 17, and K.

SNS at The Living Room, Goleta CA, August 2001. Photo by Joshua Peach.
SNS in Richmond VA, June 2000. Photo by Natalja Kent.
SNS at 40th Street warehouse, Oakland CA, August 2001. Photo by Joshua Peach.

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