Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Abe Froman-- LP (FCH020.5)

Abe Froman-- LP (self-released; Harlan Records #20.5)

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15 songs.
Recorded May 2001 on 4-track by Mike Reid at Erin & Ryan's house in East Lansing, MI.
1000 copies pressed, November 2001.
CD released by Plan-It-X Records, April 2002. 1000 copies pressed.


Ryan Batkie-- bass, voice
Erin Tobey-- guitar, voice
Matt Tobey-- drums, voice
Lisa Bennett and Mike Reid-- backing voice on "Mayday"

Track Listing:

1. Citizen's Arrest
2. I Got Sick Of Waiting For You
3. After The Fact
4. Mosquito Season
5. Burgess Shale
6. Treadmill
7. This Dense Life
8. Dear Mr. Elliott
9. Mayday
10. Mom, I Want To Move
11. Pothole Luck
12. The Most Beautiful Sight
13. "You've Got Good Style."
14. Back Outside
15. Soup Can Phones

* Members also in Fat Shadow, Erin Tobey, Pink Razors, Mt. Gigantic, Hissyfit, Memory Map, Good Luck, and Canine Sugar. 

Abe Froman @ Mr. Roboto Project. Pittsburgh PA, June 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.
Abe Froman somewhere in Florida, 2003.
Abe Froman @ Clunk. Fayetteville AR, January 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.

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