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William Martyr 17-- The Celebration Of Forever CD (FCH013)

William Martyr 17-- The Celebration Of Forever discography CD (Harlan Records #13)


11 songs.
1-4 recorded November 1994 by Chris Atwood at Jonathan Thompson's house in Cammack Village, AR. 5-7 recorded January 1994 at Maness Studio in Little Rock, AR. 8-9 recorded spring 1994 at Clay Simmons' house. 10 recorded from Stewart Isbell's Little Rock Update VHS comp at 800 State Street, March 1995. 11 recorded fall 1995 at Second Story Studio.
1043 copies pressed, May 1999.


Dustin Clark-- guitar (tracks 1-4, 10-11), voice (track 10)
Chris Horne-- drums (tracks 1-9)
Jonathan Lovett-- guitar
Clay Simmons-- bass (tracks 1-9, 11), drums (track 10)
Matthew Werth-- voice, bass (track 10), drums (track 11)

Track Listing:

William Martyr 17 songs--
1. Summer
2. Four Years Long
3. Kenya
4. Professional Beggar
5. Swallow This Pride
6. Jejune
7. Blame It Red
8. Nothing
9. Never Was Too Much Of A Man

Inherit The Sun songs--
10. Nameless But Not Faceless
11. Spilling Light


* "Swallow This Pride" is from the William Martyr 17/ Crown Of Glory split 7" (File 13/Almut Records, 1994)
* "Four Years Long" is from the William Martyr 17/ Plunger split 7" (Spearfinger/ File 13 Records, 1995)
* "Professional Beggar" and "Kenya" are from "The Celebration Of Love" 7" (File 13/ Bloodlink Records, 1995)
* "Nameless But Not Faceless" is from The Little Rock Update comp VHS (Stewart Isbell, 1995)

* William Martyr 17 ended abruptly with the tragic death of drummer Chris Horne on December 3, 1994 after a late night drive back from a WM17 show in Fayetteville, AR. He was only 16.

* Inherit The Sun was a short-lived postscript to WM17, with surviving members jogging their instrument duties. They played two shows in March 1995. Afterwards, Clay and Matthew played together briefly in Basil, and Clay and Dustin played together in Shake Ray Turbine for several years. 

* Sadly, Jonathan Lovett passed away in early 2007 after a battle with cancer.

* Members also in Favourite Sons, Aspera, The Divine Hook-Up, No City No State, Revolver Red, Ricochet Rocket, Sand City, Soophie Nun Squad, The Insides, Shake Ray Turbine, Heads Are Heavy, Hundred Years War, Unfixers, Basil, Generation Of Vipers, and Crown Of Glory.

Chris Horne with William Martyr 17 @ The Belvedere. Little Rock AR, November 1994. Photo by Ben Mistak.

William Martyr 17 @ The Belvedere. Little Rock AR, November 1994. Photo by Ben Mistak.

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