Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Good Good/ Cha Cha Cha-- split 12" (FCH021.5)


The Good Good/ Cha Cha Cha-- split 12" (Harlan Records #21.5)


7 songs.
Recorded summer 2002 in Cincinnatti OH.
500 copies pressed (100 on light blue/white vinyl), December 2002.


The Good Good:
Natalja Kent-- bass, voice
Peter Woods-- guitar, voice
Carter Gillis-- drums

Cha Cha Cha:
Steve Wetherington-- drums
Peter Woods-- keyboard, voice
Ryan Woods-- upright bass

Track Listing:

TGG side:
1. i i i i
2. Kites And Skies
3. Dance As They Did
4. (Untitled, live in Providence RI, August 2002)

CCC side:
1. Take The Sweet Gum Path
2. Backyard
3. Take The Willow Path


* Members of TGG also in Bloodhuff, Querent, Hotbox, Boomfancy, Cobra Kai, and Short Millie.
* Members of CCC are/were also in High Dive, Pink Houses, Defiance Ohio, Pretty Hot, Memento Mori, The Good Good, Cobra Kai, Gal & Lad, and Short Millie.

The Good Good (w/ Art Middleton on drums) @ Downtown Music. Little Rock AR, January 2003. Photo by Nate Powell.
The Good Good @ The Sickle. Providence RI, August 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.

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