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Tem Eyos Ki-- LP (FCH021)

Tem Eyos Ki-- LP (Harlan Records #21)

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12 songs.
Recorded March 2002 by Chuck Schaff with Tim Scott, at Olive Street house in North Little Rock AR.
1000 copies pressed, July 2002.


Maralie Armstrong-Rial-- voice, accordion
Mike Lierly-- guitar, voice
Jay Lytle-- bass, voice
Eli Milholland-- guitar, 12-string guitar, voice
Kevin Rains-- drums, voice
Tim Scott-- guest voice on "Wolf And Moon"
Tina Samples-- didgeridoo on "Ogoni" and "Last Of The Mastodons"

Track Listing (original LP version):

1. Spring
2. Pangaea
3. Wolf And Moon
4. Ogoni
5. The Lion, The Roach, And The Naked Mole Rat
6. Pulpit And The Pallbearer
7. Argenta
8. Drinking Gourd
9. Portrait Of Agatha Bas
10. John Parker's Iron Wheel
11. Cruithne
12. Last Of The Mastodons


* This LP was recorded during 9 days of continuous, unrelenting rain in Little Rock. The rain sample in "Pulpit And The Pallbearer" is from the front of the Olive Street house as the album was being recorded. The entire process of making this album was surrounded by marriage, new babies, intense health problems, separation, crises of faith, and heartbreak amongst those involved, and is tangible within the songs.

* The original mix was a bit rushed (as Soophie Nun Squad left on our first European tour immediately upon the completion of this LP, and we had to send it off to be mastered at that time to ensure it would be out in time for Tem Eyos Ki's summer tour), and the LP's mastering job was absolutely horrible thanks to unpredictable work at Aardvark. In 2003 Kevin attended school for music engineering, moved to Chicago and began working in studios there; around 2005 he began the long process of remixing the entire album, which was finally completed around 2010. It sounds immeasurably better, with a new song sequence, and with the inclusion of a song left off the original LP pressing.

* Members also in Humanbeast, V Manuscript, Bloodhuff, Universe, Holy Angell, Them Of Delphi, Ridin Dudes, Shitfire, Sickshine, Zucura, Tom Sweet, Divorce Chord, Soophie Nun Squad, Boomfancy, Gioteens, and K. 
TEK @ The Map Room. Memphis TN, January 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.
TEK @ The Map Room. Memphis TN, January 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.
TEK @ The Map Room. Memphis TN, January 2002. Photo by Nate Powell.

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