Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Good Good-- A Fem Era LP (FCH028)

The Good Good-- A Fem Era LP (Harlan Records #28)


17 songs.
Recorded summer 2004 by Jeremy Scott in Brooklyn, NY.
First self-released on cassette, January 2005 (100 copies).
LP released April 2005. 600 copies pressed.


Natalja Kent: voice, guitar, keyboard, bullhorn
David Penn: bass, voice
Peter Woods: drums, voice, keyboard
Mindy Abowitz: drums on "Now Now"
Luci, Jeremy Scott, Amber Woods, Graham, Stones, Anne: backing voices
Art Middleton: co-writer of "Follow Your Hope"

Track Listing:

1. Now Now
2. Laying Here
3. To Come
4. Neighbors
5. Thumper
6. Looking There
7. Semuc Champey
8. To Leave
9. Intermission
10. Every Leaf
11. Ether
12. Flute Ditty
13. Redefine
14. Hello Friends
15. Clouds
16. Do Do Tiss
17. Follow Your Hope


* Members also in Bloodhuff, Querent, Acht(en), Boomfancy, Cha Cha Cha, Cobra Kai, Seven Days Of Samsara, and Short Millie.

TGG @ Fuck What You Heard house. Bloomington IN, February 2005. Photo by Nate Powell.
TGG slumber party @ Lemp Arts Center. St. Louis MO, February 2005. Photo by Josh MacPhee.
Parting ways at the end of tour (The Good Good, Erin Tobey, and Wait). Columbus OH, February 2005.
TGG @ AS220. Providence RI, August 2004. Photo by Nate Powell.

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