Saturday, February 23, 2013

Callers-- s/t CDep (FCH028.5)

Callers-- s/t CDep (Harlan Records #28.5)


5 songs.
Recorded summer 2005 by Ryan and Sara in a haunted-ass house in Providence RI.
500 copies pressed, September 2005.


Sara Lucas-- voice, guitar
Ryan Seaton-- guitar, voice, saxophone
Lee Buford-- drums on "Julia"

Track Listing:

1. The Other Day
2. O Yer Cordial
3. Julia
4. Work
5. Khephra


* Callers' own site can be found here.

* Members also in Flaws, Siren Cult, Denim Venim, Halo Perfecto, and Rainy Day Regatta.

Callers (Don Godwin, Sara Lucas, Ryan Seaton) in Bloomington IN, March 2009. Photo by Nate Powell.
Practice. Brooklyn NY, August 2008. Photo by Nate Powell.

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