Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rainy Day Regatta-- Unreleased LP (FCH025.5)

Rainy Day Regatta-- Unreleased LP (Harlan Records #25.5)


10 songs.
Recorded early 2003 by Keith Souza at Machines With Magnets in East Providence, RI.


Gus Martin-- upright bass
Mary Clarendon Mulkey-- voice, keyboards
Ryan Seaton-- voice, guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, saxophone
Mikael Wood-- voice, guitar, keyboards
Lee Buford-- drums on "Witchy"
Steve-- drums on "Pile Them Up Like Birds" and "Weather"

Track Listing:

1. (Intro)
2. Witchy
3. You're Out, I'm Out
4. Pile Them Up Like Birds
5. Memory Or Picture
6. Work Is Good Work
7. Shake Hands
8. Pound On Chest
9. Weather
10. Set Me Free


* This album was tentatively titled Eons Or Octaves. I looked over some old notes in an attempt to properly title the songs, but some may be wrong (please correct me if so, RDR folks!). The recording was mixed but never properly shimmied up and mastered, so I did a simple compression job on it for this digital issue.

* One of the central lines in "Shake Hands" echoes an Everyone Asked About You song from their 1999 LP, unreleased until just a few months ago on 25 Diamonds. 

* Members also in Callers, Flaws, Denim Venim, Siren Cult, Halo Perfecto, and Soophie Nun Squad. Collins Kilgore, the keyboardist/harmonic wine glassist for RDR from 2000-2002 (but not on this recording), was also in Everyone Asked About You and American Princes. Gus Martin was in Arcing, Idiot Vehicle, Tiny Hawks, New Granada, Encyclopedia Of American Traitors, Fields Lay Fallow, Spirit Assembly, and sometimes The Body.

* Mikael Wood is now the pop music writer for the Los Angeles Times.

RDR recording this album at Machines With Magnets, February 2003.

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