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"The Dogtown Chronicles" comp tape (FCH007)

 The Dogtown Chronicles comp tape (Food Chain Records #7)

DOWNLOAD HERE (click ONLY on the light blue box that says "click here to start DL from Sendspace)

100 copies made, May 1995.
(This release was a joint venture between Eli and I.)

Track Listing:

1. DxRxPx theme song.
2. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Counterculture" (January 1995)
3. Hug-- "Big Fuckin Spider" (November 1994)
4. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Interlude" (January 1993)
5. Pete-- "In The End" (April 1995)
6. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Rocky" (January 1995)
7. K-- "The Best Smell Songs #1 and #2" (October 1994)
8. New Toy Smell-- "Peter Pan" (May 1995)
9. (audio montage from our teenage film projects Sampson The Bastard and World History Movie)
10. K-- "Kuntrry Song" (October 1994)
11. Sacred Cod-- "Uprising" (June 1994-- Noah Young on drums)
12. (yet another audio montage)
13. Soophie Nun Squad-- "This Song Sucks" (February 1993)
14. Hug-- "Fuck" (November 1994)
15. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Stand Tall" (May 1995)
16. Sooper Soophie-- "Back To The Skool" (October 1994)
17. Soophie Nun Squad-- "PJ Sod" (January 1995)
18. K-- "The K Explanation" (October 1994)
19. Cecil's Rhubarb Taco-- "Burrito" (October 1994)
20. Dentistry-- "The Dentist's Hug" (July 1994)
21. New Toy Smell-- "Untitled" (May 1995)
22. (still another goddamn interlude)
23. Mob-- "Sleepwalking" (May 1995)
24. Christopher-- "Yellow Flower" (October 1994)
25. (another interlude)
26. Hug-- "Dead Roach, Motherfucker" (November 1994)
27. Sooper Soophie-- "Owned by MTV" (October 1994)
28. (Eli's filthy hocker during Soophie practice)
29. K-- "Minor Threat" (October 1994)
30. Hug-- "Vogue" (November 1994)
31. Soophie Nun Squad-- "Peru" (May 1994)
32. Sacred Cod-- "Hawaiian Apocalypse" (June 1994)
33. Soophie Nun Squad-- "This Song Sucks (Hardcore Version)" (August 1993)
34. New Toy Smell-- "Untitled" (May 1995)

Reservoir Dogtown.

* Soophie Nun Squad-- Dustin Clark (guitar), Mark Lierly (drums), Mike Lierly (voice), Eli Milholland (bass), Nate Powell (voice), Mikael Wood (backing voice, dancing)
* Hug-- Jake Jackson (guitar), Mike Lierly (voice), Eli Milholland (bass), Alan Short (guitar, voice), Noah Young (drums)
* Pete-- Kevin Bay (drums), Lloyd Benjamin (guitar), Adam Heathcott (bass), Chris Sheppard (voice), Zach S. (guitar)
* K-- Eli Milholland (bass), Mikael Wood (voice)
* New Toy Smell-- Mike Lierly (guitar), Ryan Seaton (guitar)
* Sacred Cod-- Mark Lierly (drums), Mike Lierly (guitar, keyboard), Mikael Wood (guitar, voice)
* Sooper Soophie-- Mark Lierly (drums), Mike Lierly (voice), Tim Scott (voice), Ryan Seaton (bass), Mikael Wood (guitar)
* Cecil's Rhubarb Taco-- Steve Cook (drums), Eli Milholland (bass), Ryan Seaton (bass), Nathan Walker (guitar, voice), Mikael Wood (voice, misc.?)
* Dentistry-- Nate Powell (voice, keyboard), Mikael Wood (guitar)
* Mob-- Mike Lierly (guitar), Nate Powell (voice), Noah Young (drums)
* Christopher-- Steve Cook (drums), Ryan Seaton (bass), Nathan Walker (guitar, voice)

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