Friday, December 14, 2012

Dentistry-- "Pulling Teeth" demo (FCH003)

Yep, that's all you get. I'll explain later.

 Dentistry-- "Pulling Teeth" demo tape (Food Chain Records #3)

8 songs.
Recorded 7/17/94 live to a jambox at Mikael Wood's house.
2 copies made-- I kept one, and sold one to Asa Newell at a Das Yutes A-Go-Go show the next year. Still looking for the cover!


Nate Powell-- voice, keyboard
Mikael Wood-- guitar

Track listing:

1. We Are Dentistry
3. We Love You... (Hug cover)
4. The Dentist's Hug
5. Iron Man (sans any accurate or clear lyrics)
6. Minor Threat-t-t
7. The Biz Vs. The Nuge (yep)
8. Drum Solo


* This band (and tape) was written and recorded after seeing one of Substance's last shows down at the Riverfront Belvedere early one afternoon. I made a horrible-sounding recording of that show (complete with inaudible versions of all their new, unreleased jams), with most of the second side still blank. Mikael and I returned to his folks' house and cranked out quick KMFDM/Ministry musical personas, and there you have it.

* Dentistry did actually play a show October 2nd, 1994 on Chet Roberson's front yard in Levy, and it actually wasn't too bad considering we hadn't practiced since the one time we played for this demo.

* Playing the Dentistry demo just made my baby cry.

* There is absolutely nothing else to know about Dentistry.

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