Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soophie Nun Squad-- "We Rule The World" demo (FCH002)

Soophie Nun Squad-- "We Rule The World" demo tape (Food Chain Records #2)

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9 songs.
Recorded 6/16/94 by Jim Thompson on a 4-track in the Rice Street house kitchen, Little Rock AR.
150 copies made, August 1994.
(Food Chain Records, at this point, was a joint effort between me and Eli.)


Dustin Clark-- guitar
Mark Lierly-- drums
Mike Lierly-- voice
Eli Milholland-- bass
Nate Powell-- voice
Mikael Wood-- backing vocals
Mitchell Powers-- falsetto backing vocals on "Shoe Song"
Brenda Harper-- piano on outtro

Track Listing:

1. Hey Hey Margaret, Your Momma's Got A Cow
2. Peru
3. Point Of View
4. Song Of Squid
5. Dino
6. Push It (Salt-N-Pepa cover)
7. Feedback
8. Shoe Song
9. outtro


* Mikael Wood and I were in a driver's ed class for the first half of this day, and while we sped over to Rice Street for recording, the rest of Soophie Nun Squad was pushing all of our equipment across Stifft Station in a busted shopping cart.
* The Rice Street kitchen was covered in generic white beer cans that simply said "BEER" in amazing, utterly unsarifed red letters.
* Mike's vocals for "Peru" didn't turn out during the session, so a week later Jim and/or Mitchell had him rerecord them in a downtown Little Rock alleyway at midnight (maybe after an Antioch Arrow show?) while holding the 4-track. Mobile recording, indeed!

SNS at Riverfront Belvedere, Little Rock AR. New Year's Day 1995.


  1. Ha! Still have this actual tape.

  2. Would you consider reposting the demo tapes, or dubbing some copies for me and I send you dollars?